Sunday, November 21, 2010


The day always starts off good when the bed is made, don't you think. I really should make a habit of doing that more often I suppose. Perhaps when I get more in the 'groove' of this RV'ing thing. LOL

Today is my last day in beautiful Savannah so I started to do a few things to get ready for departure tomorrow. Strapped down some things in the little pup.

You'd be amazed how much bounce is back there and things come flying off. Don't want anything falling down on my gorgeous Harley that's for sure.

Then I decided I'd better make sure the windshield wash was full....

hmmm, ya, that looks like it and it's hardly empty. That's odd 'cause I used a lot of windshield wash ???? It is a container - and it's on the driver's side, which is where the windshield wash is in the CRV.
But it doesn't say 'windshield wash' and I can't figure out what those symbols mean ?? hmmm, better have a look around before I top it off.

AHHH HAAAA.... Gonna have to figure out what that first container is for I of these days.

Then I figured I had to have another go at that tail light in the little pup. Remember way back when I told you about putting a new light in and it still didn't work. Well, thinking that perhaps I had just bought a 'faulty' one, I purchased yet another one. Same deal - no workie ??
Gene (one of the Camp Hosts) came by and mentioned something about checking the wires. Wires ??? He went to get his tester. OK, so eventually I found them and wiggled them a bit and if there was a connection anywhere (although it seemed secure) I tightened it anyway.
By the time Gene gets back with his tester VAAA-BOOOM the light is working. So I wondered if the first 'new' one I bought worked. Tried it - YUP ! Then I wondered if the 'old' one I took out worked - YUP !!
So my 'electrical' advice for today is: Just wiggle the wires !! LMAO

Then I sorted through the various ratchet straps I had. I have several of each kind.
Took this pic for Karen (don't know who she is) 'cause she asked me in a comment about what kind of ratchets I use. You will see that I have three kinds.
The first one on the left is likely the best and the strongest, however, those are the ones that I have the most difficulty with ! Can't get the damn things undone.
The little middle red ones are likely the weakest and I only use them for strapping the rear of the bike.
The ones on the right I just got before I left 'cause I was so mad at the first ones and figured perhaps I could manage those. And thankfully I can.
But now the big test will be tomorrow when I tie the bike down for the first time by myself. I'm sure it will so everything else has gone since I hit the road. ROTFLMAO

Had to take this pic. It's of the trees around my campsite. Looks like something from a scary movie doesn't it.

OH, BTW, Lots more to post regarding today....but it requires a seperate topic. You'll see !!


  1. We don't make the bed because the girls burrow under all the covers and they unmake it. So we gave up.

    Waiting to hear how strapping the bike in went. Glad you got the light fixed on the pup.

  2. LOL My bed is too high so Bennie can't even jump up on it.

    Will let you know in an hour or so how the strapping the bike went. Wonder if I'll be saying any of those "F" words ?? LOL