Monday, November 22, 2010


Really enjoyed my time in Savannah but also felt it was time to move on. Took me hours though to get everything ready for the road again. Gotta work on that.

So I did indeed manage to get the bike strapped in. The right side is a little easier as there is more room to maneuver plus the door is there which gives me even more room. That ratchet on the right side is one of the better ones and the one that I have the most trouble with. God help me I suppose I'll get it off ?? LOL

The left side of the bike is far more difficult because of the lack of space, due to the spare tire being in the way. So I used one of the new ratchet I bought as I find them easier to work with.

Yup, Well that's about as good as I can do. She's ready to go. Certainly don't feel as confident about it though as I did when my Brother/Nephew did it for me. Hoping it won't tip over.

So the last look around the campsite to make sure I hadn't forgotten something. This picture shows CLEARLY a very important thing I had forgotten !!! Can you see it......don't scroll down yet.....Can you see it ??

Checked the other side....yup, everything looks good to go.

So I pulled out of my campsite and decided to stop on the road - just to have one more last look. Oh, SEE....I had left a piece of board on the ground....silly me.
Earth to Denise....anybody home ??? Lights are on....nope, nobody home 'cause even when discovering this piece of board it STILL didn't occur to me ! DUHHHHH

And then I see it......I had forgotten to put the levelling jacks up !! They were totally BENT !! Why are all my mistakes so costly !!! I will now have to get them fixed or replaced. What a mess. I rolled them up as far as they would go and proceeded on.
I just had to take a pic of this 1923 Model T, owed by one of the Camp Hosts and it runs !! He said he's modified it and now it can go 60 mph. Didn't do 60 mph back in the day did it !

A stop to empty the tanks, so now I don't have to worry about that for awhile.

First stop - first thing - CHECK THE BIKE. WHEW - she's ok.

Welcome to Florida.

P.S. What a warm night. I have every window in the RV open. Even at 8:00PM it's still 17C. and that's PLUS 17C - not MINUS 17C LOL Unbelievable !


  1. Checklist!! Even after being out two years we still use the checklist to make sure everything is done before we take off. Saves money.

  2. Oh Sandie !!! Send me your checklist. I knew I'd forget 'something'. Like leaving something on a counter and I'd hear a CRASH BANG.
    The guy at Camping World said they will likely have to be replaced but they will try and fix them. $$$$$$$$

  3. Hey Sassy - This is a test to see if my Google account is set up !

  4. OK it worked great! I just went in and read almost all your posts - what a journey you are having! Lou and I bought an RV - I think I told you that. Its in Cocoa Beach Florida and we are going to get her in June and take our time and drive home - hoping to hit Laconia Bike Week on the way thru. So - we just bought a new GPS - suppose to be a great one - hope so because the one we have now is not so friendly - like Betty I guess lol. Looks like you stayed on the I95S most of the way hey! Any advice/suggestions. We plan on pre-booking if possible parks along the way. Looks like you stayed at a lot of Walmarts and truck stops hey. That's good too! I hear the Washington area is the worst to drive thru? Is this true? What about the I-85? We don't have a route planned yet but are working on one. Must go for now. So happy and very proud of you lady! Enjoy your day! I'll keep following

  5. Hey Michelle, So cool that you are following my Blog. I just googled Cocoa Beach and I'm only 129 miles North of there. So if you take the I95 back you will pass St. Augustines.

    I'll send you an e-mail re the rest of your questions. One BIG TIP: If "I" did it...DON'T DO IT !! LOL