Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yes, Still trying to figure out those damn ratchets !!! I thought if I untangled them all and laid them all out nice and neat, I'd 'somehow' learn the 'mystery' of how they work !! DIDN'T HAPPEN ! LOL Wonder if there's a particular way the strap goes in....front or back ??

Made a visit (actually several LOL) to the Harley Davidson store in St. Augustine's. Never noticed this till now but you can see me taking the pic in the glass. Too funny.

Treated myself to a little more 'bling' for my bike. I started changing out things (apparently all Harley owners do that) to the gold and chrome 'flames' theme. So I now have new mirrors and I love them. hmmm thinking....wasn't there a post awhile back whereby some 'special' Aunt of mine said I could have her Credit Card. Mine is ready to MELT ! LMAO

Saw this miniature Police Edition HD. Took a pic of this for my Buddy Lock who rides this kind of bike. Holy EXPENSIVE Bat Man !

Also while I was at CW getting those damn levelling jacks replaced I saw this:

Thought it was a great space saving and organizing drawer so I got it. Now as I try to install it:


Job well done:

I'm already finding it so useful I'll be going back to get another one - seeing as this one didn't cost me anything....hmmm you wonder.....will save that for another post.

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