Sunday, November 28, 2010


Getting ready to head out. We left at around 1:00PM and got back home around 5:30PM. It was so nice to have him with me and not be worrying about him barred up in the RV. Also not to worry about having to 'rush' home.

Bennie: "hmmm, Wow that looks like an awful big jump. I wonder if I can do it ?"

Bennie: "I'm not giving up yet !"

Bennie: "I'm almost out ! Now what do I do ?? MOM !"

First stop was at the Harley Davidson store.
Bennie: "See that big smile on my face. Finally she let me outta that cage. And BTW, I was a BIG hit both in the parking lot and the store. Everybody loved me and I got so many pats."

Next stop Walmart where I (quickly) went in to pick up just 2 things I needed. When I came back to the bike Bennie was just laying in the kennell watching everything around him. He really seemed content.
Bennie: "Should I try jumping ?"

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