Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today I was going for a run on my bike and decided to ride to Anastasia State Park (1) to figure out how to get there; (2) to see what my future 'home' was like. I googled the directions carefully and STILL I miss turns and get lost. Glad I did though because I'd rather miss those turns and have to turn around on the bike rather than in the RV towing the trailer !! So at least now I know exactly where to go on Sunday.

To get to this State Park you have to go through downtown historic St. Augustine's. WOW, right on the water and amazingly beautiful. They have trolly buses for the tourist to take them around and these little mini cars/bikes you can rent to get around. Unfortunately, riding the bike I only got to take one pic and not the ones I really would have liked to take. Perhaps tomorrow I'll do it again and park somewhere.

On my way back, stopped at a light, a guy pulled up next to me riding one of those little scooters. I said to him I'd like to be riding that - rather than this big, heavy bike on these streets. He said Ya, these streets were not built for cars......and I thought......And I'm going to be driving through here on Sunday in the RV !!
So when I get 'home' (after lunch and a nap) I figure it's time to decide if this carrier I bought to take Bennie on the bike is going to work or not. I can return it.

I begin the 'strapping down' process.

Then, once I feel it's secure enough for my 'baby', in he goes. He looks comfortable enough don't you think:

It's now or never. BENNIE GOES FOR HIS VERY FIRST MOTORCYCLE RIDE. I don't know who was more terrified......him or me. I kept thinking the carrier would fall of.....or I hadn't closed the door properly and it would swing open and he'd jump out. But all went well. He barked a lot....Bennie doesn't bark much. I pulled over once to check on him and everything is ok.
What a gorgeous country road we went on. By this time it's about 5:00PM and much more pleasant to be riding than earlier today. I see a nice big place to pull in and I let him out. He's happy enough.

While we're taking our little break I just had to take this pic of the fire in the sky.


  1. I just love the fact that you can take Bennie with you. You are being lucky with the weather as well. Oh, dare I say that I'm jealous....

  2. Ya Linda, So do I.....I'm not so sure yet though if Bennie loves it. LOL

    Don't be jealous...come on down !! There's lots of room in the rig.

    Everytime I see a particularly interesting thing or a beautiful landscape I think of you and know that you would have your cameras in overdrive !

    But tomorrow is my Court Hearing (that my friend Debby is appearing on my behalf).

    That will determine if this 'adventure' will be short lived or not ! I will anxiously be waiting to hear the decision.

  3. Yes Denise, St. Augustine is the WOW factor. I loved it. I was having anxiety attacks for Bennie's safety on the bike. But knowing you you had all the safety features in place. I'm envious and I think I'll get my RV in gear after Xmas. Keep safe


  4. Hey Tol, Don't worry, I had that carrier strapped so tightly I had a difficult time getting it undone.
    If you get on the road after Christmas where would you be heading ?