Wednesday, November 24, 2010


After I left Camping World today (almost $400 poorer - due to the levelling jacks etc. - I still have to check that bill because even that seems very high), I booted it back to Cooksey's RV 'RESORT'. LOL

I unhooked the little pup to bring the RV to CW so now I had to back in the RV and hook it up again. Thank gawd for back up cameras ! While I was doing it a guy was walking by and asked if I wanted any help. I said (as I always do) "I never refuse help". So 2 or 3 trys and I had everything lined up and secure.

Took a few pics on my way out:

So now on to my new 'home' for the next few days.....whereby I (again) got lost and travelled about 20 miles down this beautiful country road with absolutely nothing around and nowhere to pull over nevemind turn around. Yes, it took me 20 miles before I figured out I must have missed a turn somewhere ! But on the bright side, it's a great road for me to take the bike on. Can't wait for that !
Finally came to an intersection, but still nowhere to turn around. I certainly wasn't going any what was it going to be.....left or right ?? I chose right and just knew I would be going on another long road. So I pulled off to the shoulder and figured I had enough room to make a U-turn....NOT !
Oh Donna (froggi) if you're reading this you will soooo relate. What a pickle I got myself in. I'm totally cross ways in the middle of the road (blocking both lanes with cars stopped likely laughing at me) trying to back up and that little pup would simply NOT go in the directions I wanted it to !! I eventually got myself out of that mess, inch by inch, back and forth and proceeded on.
Found the turn-off that I missed and this is what greeted me as I was entering the Park:

How nice is that huh ! And here's where I am now - that big Class A directly across from me are Canadians no less. Well the license plate says Saskatchewan. I'll likely chat with them tomorrow. Much better huh.


  1. I had to laugh imaging you trying to get turned around. We've all been there and done that kind of thing so we feel your pain. But the new place really looks great. Love their greeters.

  2. Isn't RVing fun? Be sure to check out my last blog for our adventures....LOL!