Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Motorhome Update

Still haven't found anywhere to store my RV for the Winter. I have lots of places available to me if I want to leave it outside, but I would prefer to have it stored somewhere inside if I can.

I've made numerous phone calls to places as far as 2 hours drive from my location but they all have their regulars and no space available. I'm running out of options.

My Harley will stay in its trailer and I will hook up an extention cord so that I can have a bulb burning in there to keep the condensation off the bike. A friend of mine does that with his Harley in his shed and said it works perfectly.

All these things I have to deal with now when I'm supposed to be down South !!! Oh right.........Acceptance !! LOL

1 comment:

  1. Denise....So sorry to hear you are not getting any better. What did the Bone Scan show? Your situation reminds me of Maureen's, where the Doctors run all these test and can't understand why she is in so much pain.
    Hang in their. It will get better and by next Spring you will be exploring the World again. Well, the United States of America at least.